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Specializing in Corporate Law,

Real Estate Law, Health Care Law, Litigation, Estate Planning and Commercial Law.



Nan Geist Faber engages in the practice of all areas of corporate, real estate, health care and commercial law. Her services to clients include mergers and acquisitions, litigation, loan transactions, fraud and abuse by healthcare providers, insurance law, employment matters, environmental law, licensing for Medicare and Medicaid, licensing for tobacco, alcohol and lottery sales; and estate planning. 

Ms. Faber has more than 30 years of experience in the practice of law in the State of New York. Ms. Faber gained her experience and expertise working with the legal teams of law firms in Manhattan and Long Island as well as the legal departments of Citibank, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, wholesale distributors and leasing companies.


Ms. Faber oversees each and every client matter and ensures you are provided with the best possible legal service and counsel.

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